My real life name is Christina and I live in Denmark with my boyfriend Mads (Oenone). Here I study theology. I was Born in 1981 and always loved to draw, and I never stopped. That's all there is too it really, my drawings look like they do because I have more training than other people my age. ^_^

But if I have to make really cool stuff it takes hours, days, months. Look below to see stuff I spent more time on.

My other hobbies are fantasy, animation (anime/manga explains my drawing style). Before I started playing WoW I fiddled around with some other projects, they are in danish though. -_-They're up at and

Oh yeah, and my name – Chidori, a lot of people ask me about that. I did in fact not steal it from the anime Naruto, which I hadn’t seen when I started playing WoW. I adopted it from another anime called Full Metal Panic.


My boyfriend joined the raid group in The Flaming Ruby, and raided with them for quite a while. At that time Chidori wasn’t a guild member and as the very first comic says, I started drawing this comic as a funny protest against the rubies not twinking me when they twinked others.

The rubies liked the comic, invited me into the guild as a friend and demanded more, and it sort of turned into a weekly guild treat with inside jokes on the forum. Then Maximilian and Oenone made a subside for the comics and… yeah well I just continued.

Though the guild is very funny and very weird I can’t say that ALL the stuff in the comics is true. But every comic has between 20 and 97% truth in them.